Investment & Wealth Management

The value of the investments and the income they produce can go down as well as up and you may not get back as much as you put in.

Preserving and enhancing a client’s wealth can be a complex business.  BUTLER Capital will utilise their experience to provide sound advice to help you identify the correct choices to achieve your goals.

There are many different ways to manage your wealth, our role is therefore to help you understand your options. Each individual’s requirements are unique and we will endeavour to provide a personal service reflecting our initial discussions.

Studies show that when determining portfolio performance the most important factor is asset allocation. In reality over 90% of your portfolio performance could potentially be determined by the decisions you make on your asset allocation. Asset allocation is described as “an investment strategy that aims to balance risk and reward by apportioning a portfolio’s assets according to an individual’s goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon.”

Prior to any decision being made your advisor will discuss in detail you’re attitude toward investment risk, your investment objectives and expectations, prior to constructing a portfolio with the aim of maximising investment returns for your given level of risk. A regular review is essential in keeping your investments remain appropriate to your needs and circumstances as well as identifying any risks. Your Adviser will be happy to sit down with you at any time to review your investments.