Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation and trust advice.

As more and more people are becoming affected by Inheritance Tax mainly due to the high rise in property prices over the past 20 years, either as a beneficiary of a will or ultimately passing on the estate to their family, some simple steps can be taken to make the situation easier.

At BUTLER Capital we believe that the use of simple and cost-effective methods of controlling your estate should always be the starting point. There are a number of IHT planning opportunities available including writing of a Will and the legal advice given, life assurance and gifting, it is important that you seek specialist advice from someone you can trust to find the right solution for you. The rules and regulation surrounding IHT are constantly changing and are far from straightforward requiring the need for regular reviews.

We assess your personal circumstances including a comprehensive evaluation of your assets and liabilities, within that being the requirement to address how any investments, pensions and death in service benefits are established.

With the right planning from BUTLER Capital you can help drastically mitigate or possibly eliminating tax altogether for the benefit of the ones you care about, all part of the long term structure we will put in place for yourself and family.