Graham J. Mathieson


I was introduced to Jamie through a friend of my son Stephen Mathieson some twelve years ago. He was instrumental in advising how best to take our business forward regarding financing future business expansion plans.

The interest he took in and advice he gave to assist MDL, was and still is much appreciated. Our company was able to grow considerably through his expertise in the financial and insurance world.
In my business dealings with Jamie I have always found him, trustworthy, confidant, reliable, diligent, sound in judgement, with an excellent knowledge in his areas of the financial market and it’s modern requirements.

As a man I have found Jamie to be an excellent companion equally in the boardroom and socially on and off the golf course. He has the gift of a friendly disposition and good humour, can talk with you on just about any subject.

I have also found Jamie to be an honest and to the point man, all of which suites me fine.
Long may our relationship continue and flourish.

Graham J. Mathieson
Mathieson Developments Ltd.