Barry Simpson


I have dealt with a number of financial advisors over the years that have provided me with advice about how and where I invest my money and the best way to plan for the future. I never quite thought that these people had my interests 100% at heart and that the products being offered suited them rather than me.

That is until I met Jamie 8 years ago. He took the time before recommending any product or financial plan to really understand my complete picture in terms of family, business and personal circumstance. This was very important to me given the levels of financial planning I required and ultimately the cost implications of executing this type of planning.

I now have peace of mind given the great work carried by Jamie and his firm BUTLER Capital LLP that I have the best financial arrangements for the 3 things that matter in my life, my family, my business and myself.

Barry Simpson
Group Sales Director & Shareholder
Optimum IT PLC